The Great Mindanao Adventure: ZamBaSulTa Itinerary and Guide

Zambasulta itinerary

One of the best backpacking routes in the Philippines is ZamBaSulTa. ZamBaSulTa refers to Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi provinces. The route typically starts in Zamboanga City, which serves as the gateway to other provinces. This is a great trip because it allows you to […]

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Day Trip to Lamitan City (Basilan)

Bulingan Falls in Lamitan City

A visit to Basilan province wouldn’t be complete without dropping by its capital: Lamitan City. Lamitan City is the home base of the Yakan tribe. The Tausugs and Chavacanos also live here. There are a few city attractions you can explore in Lamitan City. It […]

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