10+ Feel-Good Travel Stories that will inspire you to Live, Love, Travel

RLF eatery, Sorsogon

I had always been interested in reading about stories on the road. I believe that the most compelling reads are not the guides or itineraries but those that often go unmentioned, told only to friends and family (but rarely online). So for this year, I asked other travel bloggers for experiences that are positive and […]

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I have a boyfriend and I still travel solo

View at Triad coffee shop, Larena

As Filipinos, being in a group is the norm. We live in packs. Back in the Philippines, I was always the odd one out. I’d frequently take lunches alone and people would get concerned and ask whether I was with someone. Sometimes I do feel defensive and give other reasons other than “I want to […]

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Thoughts and takeaways on Asia Society Philippines’ talk on “Traveling with a Purpose”

As some of you guys well know, we (Hali and I, Katherine) are advocates of voluntourism, and we’re part of a non-profit voluntourism community called Alon ng Pag-asa. This August, we were invited to one of the monthly talks of Asia Society Philippines on “Traveling with a Purpose.” It’s part of their monthly discussion held in […]

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Why I still prefer DIY over packaged tours

Maria Cristina Falls, Lanao del Norte

There’s a lot of things that make a DIY travel awesome. It’s cheaper obviously, more flexible in terms of schedule and bonds people better, perhaps due to shared responsibility among the group. But this isn’t the reason why I prefer DIY over joining packaged tours. Because when you think about it, DIY has its challenges […]

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How Traveling Changed my Life (Hint: It Didn’t)

Marimegmeg beach in El Nido, Palawan

Recently, there’d been rounds of stories around the theme “How Travel Changed my Life” as promoted by an online booking website. I’d like to write about my answer to this. It didn’t. I don’t want to sound anti-climatic, but there goes. The most that I can say about traveling is that I met some wonderful […]

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Backpacking in the Philippines and the race to unexplored destinations

An undeveloped cold spring - backpacking in the Philippines

Featured photo: An undeveloped cold spring in Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Anyone can tell you that as early as 3 years ago, local travel wasn’t mainstream. In travel speak, it’s the good ol’ days. I could remember walking along the shores of Calaguas in Bicol Province, passing by children playing and a few other tourists having […]

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Let’s talk about overcrowding: Is it time to implement tourist capping?

Mount Batolusong

Lately, there have been discussions on the problem of overcrowding in tourism sites, particularly on mountains. This is an interesting topic to me because while I promote local tourism, I am also an advocate of responsible and sustainable travel or what others refer to as ecotourism. Perhaps if I were to summarize the issue, it […]

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Voluntourism in the Philippines: A new travel trend

Voluntourism in the Philippines feature

To be honest, I have always admired volunteer workers but initially did not want to sacrifice the comforts I got used with to actually join an event. In summer last year, I’d finally experience what voluntourism in the Philippines was like. I joined an event in Jomalig Island, Quezon Province, and was glad to have finally […]

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