How to Pick an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Elephant in Thailand

The elephant is the national animal of Thailand and the country has benefited from the popularity of this gentle giant for years. Unfortunately, the increased tourism has led to many crooked elephant sanctuaries mistreating the animals for a quick profit. Hence, it’s important to do our research and properly choose an ethical elephant sanctuary in […]

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Bangkok Day Trip: What to do during your stopover

Bangkok in one day | Bangkok day trip

When flying to Asia, many people will find themselves stopping over in Bangkok, Thailand. This metropolitan city is continuing to grow, and although there is so many things to see and do in Bangkok, it is possible to get a flavor of the city in just a day. So that is why I am sharing […]

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Top 5 things to do in Pattaya, Thailand

Top things to do in Pattaya - visit the floating market

If you’re thinking about visiting Thailand and are wondering which areas to explore, you may want to check out the city of Pattaya. I recently visited Thailand for the first time and had a great experience in Pattaya, which happens to be one of the country’s most controversial cities. Having a reputation for being the […]

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The Best of Northern Thailand

Wat Tong Khun Temple in Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand may not be as popular as it’s southern island oasis paradise, but stunning mountains and unique things to see entice many travelers to the north. From lantern-lit cave tours to sparkling-white temples and surging waterfalls, spending time in the north of this amazing country has plenty to offer any visitor. Pai One of […]

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Koh Lipe: A beautiful prelude to Thailand

Koh Adang, Thailand

Just a little over a month before Christmas, Hali booked a ticket to visit me here in Malaysia. He was perfectly happy to stay at my home, but I was restless since I hadn’t traveled much the last few months. I talked him into spending the holidays somewhere else… And that’s how we found ourselves […]

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