Biri Island, Samar: From the battle of the gods

Biri Island, Samar

The views in Biri Island, Samar, surpassed my expectations. I’d visited Kapurpurawan rock formations in Ilocos years ago and was not impressed, though perhaps this is caused by my take-pictures-and-go touristy attitude then rather than a quality-focused backpacking I do nowadays. Anyway, before going to see the Biri rock formations, I thought we were just […]

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Holy Week Caravan: Road Trip from Manila to Leyte

Road trip from Manila to Leyte

This road trip from Manila to Leyte is the longest Hali and I have been on so far, starting from Buendia and ending in Kalanggaman Island. This was planned for the Holy Week, so we’d have ample time on the road without using up all our office leave credits. I actually considered other destinations — some friends were […]

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