10 BEST Resorts in Antipolo, Rizal (1 Hour from Manila)

Best resorts in Antipolo, Rizal

The province of Antipolo is a popular retreat since it’s only 1-2 hours away from Manila and it has a lot of beautiful resorts, both public and private. A lot of these resorts are located in lush settings, making it perfect for nature trippers, or have overlooking views of Metro Manila. Here we’ve listed the […]

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Tyvo Resort, A Chic Private Resort in Antipolo for Outings and Events

Tyvo Resort at sunset, Antipolo

This January, Hali and I went with fellow bloggers to a newly opened private resort in Antipolo – Tyvo Resort. Tyvo Resort (pronounced as tay-vo) is fairly unheard of currently because it has just opened its doors to visitors last December 2018. It’s located in a beautiful mountainside, just a 5-minute walk from Pinto Art […]

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Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa and Pinto Art Museum: Weekend date in Antipolo

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa hydro-massage pool-1

Even though I haven’t explored Antipolo well yet, I’m already fond of this city in Rizal because it’s near Manila (an hour at the very least), it seems to have interesting native food specialties and it’s very close to nature. In fact, there are a number of resorts and nature reserves in Antipolo for a […]

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Sulit day trip in Tanay, Rizal: Calinawan Cave, Daranak and Batlag Falls, Pililla Windmills

Pililla windmills in Rizal, included in Tanay Rizal day tour

We spent the last holiday on a very sulit day trip to Tanay Rizal. Tanay is just a few-hour drive from Manila. It was very laid back and fun. We started the day spelunking in Calinawan cave, visiting Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls and ended the afternoon visiting the recently constructed windmills in the very windy area […]

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