Island hopping in Biliran plus the majestic Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island, Biliran

Last March, Hali and I took a few days off from the hustle and bustle of Manila to go island hopping in Biliran and see Sambawan Island in person. Here’s our experience including a guide to island hopping in Biliran at the end. Island hopping in Biliran Most tourists only stop by Maripipi Island and […]

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Chasing Waterfalls in Biliran

Tinago falls in Biliran; chasing waterfalls in Biliran

Fun fact: It is a small province, but you can find a total of 30 waterfalls in Biliran. Only several of them are visited by tourists, and you can see most in a single day. I think this means that the rest are either too small or undeveloped. The most famous waterfalls in Biliran are […]

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Travel guide to Biliran and Cuatro Islas in Leyte

Travel guide to Biliran and Cuatro Islas

Now here’s the technical part of our trip from last time: a travel guide to Biliran and Cuatro Islas in Inopacan, Leyte. Exploring Biliran and Cuatro Islas in 4-5 days is actually a stretch. I know it’s common for local backpackers to move around a lot in order to see as many places as possible. Still, […]

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Biliran and Leyte: Sorry, we didn’t really hit it off

Milky Way in Biliran

Travel is a bit like meeting someone new. You either click or you don’t. As much as the neighboring provinces Biliran and Leyte offer nice attractions — multitudes of waterfalls, islands, scenic rice fields — I can’t say that these are my favorite. In fact, our visit here will probably go down to my list of least […]

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