We Don’t Post Hugot Memes and Here’s Why

Starfishes in Punta Sebaring, Bugsuk Island

Things have been slow lately. I’d been flicking through posts about blogging and remembered that I wanted to write about this–why we don’t post hugot memes in our Facebook page or joke about that here–even though hugot posts are a proven way to get likes and shares. For our non-Filipino readers, hugot (literally “to draw” […]

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Blogging community: What it’s like to make friends when you’re a new blogger

I was very excited to be part of a travel blogging group. In my mind, I saw myself entering a big brown door and meeting old-time bloggers in person, shaking their hands, introducing myself. I imagined having long conversations and being privy to industry gossip and secrets. I imagined finally having people to talk to about […]

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Travel Blogging

Things you didn't know about travel blogging

Oh you know, just a list of things I found out for myself after a year of blogging. I intended to publish this a long time ago, but it got lost in one of my gazillion drafts. I know some of you here can relate or at least understand. If you have a (travel) blog yourself, […]

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We received a Liebster Award 2017!

Liebster Award 2017

Hi, lovely people! Last December, I was nominated by Stephanie of Stephanie Cox – Newcastle & Travel for a Liebster Award. A Liebster Award is an online-only award passed on from blogger to blogger. Basically, it’s a way of giving recognition to your favorite blog(s) and remarkable up-and-coming blogs. It’s also a great way to make new […]

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