3 Ideas for Bringing a Slice of Travel to Your Home

Travel displays on wall
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Most of us enjoy our travels so much that we want to bring our experiences back at home. And why not? Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways of doing this, from displaying souvenirs to recreating your experiences indoors. Not only does this enable you to showcase your adventures and remember them, it also allows you to express your creativity.

Bringing your experiences home means including all aspects of our travels, from the fashion to the food to the entertainment.

Here are a few brilliant ideas to get you started!

1. Recreate Meals From Your Travels

Indian food
Indian food.

When you visit new places, one of the best parts is experiencing different types of food and drinks. So one way to include your travels in your home is to recreate some of the amazing meals you’ve eaten on your travels. How about the butter chicken in India, nasi lemak in Malaysia, or the famous adobo in the Philippines?

While recreating your favorite meal, why not treat yourself to a drink you’ve tried on your travels too? Whether it was a cup of coffee that you loved or a certain tipple, they’re usually fairly easy to re-create and enjoy. These coffee pods made for Nespresso machines come in a variety of different tastes and types to suit you and there’s likely to be one that reminds you of your adventures. 

2. Re-Create the Luxury Hotel Experience

While on your travels, you will have likely stayed in a luxury hotel that you fell in love with, from the plushness of the hotel beds to the gorgeous views on offer.

Bedroom apartment

The most luxurious part of most hotel rooms is often the bed. The pillows are fluffy and the bedding is so comfortable that you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. One way to bring this experience home is to create a relaxing, sleeping environment with stunning bedding. You can even invest in some luxurious robes.

3. Put Your Souvenirs on Display

Most people pick up souvenirs while on their travels. Souvenirs come in different forms. Some people choose to collect shot glasses, while others purchase magnets from every place they visit.

Most people pin their magnets on a refrigerator, but if you are looking for other ways to do this, you can show off your creativity by using vintage suitcases as shelves. Simply attach them to your walls and showcase your pictures, souvenirs, and any other treasures you’ve collected inside them.

Travel displays on wall

Another way is to dedicate a wall to maps. You can put up a huge travel map, a tapestry, or even paint a minimalist map on the wall. Mark off the places you visited through colors, photographs, or whatever else you fancy. This is a great way to remind you of the places you’ve been and places that are still on your list.


Most of us love exploring new places. Bringing a slice of your favorite destination at home makes it easier to keep the memories and keep us calm while waiting for our next flight.

In what way do you bring travel to your home? Let us know in the comments section!

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