Bawooboy Grill: The Latest Samgyupsal Restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque

Bawooboy Grill samgyupsal restaurant
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The samgyupsal trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. This June 2019, a new unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant opened up in BF Homes, Paranaque. It’s called Bawooboy Grill and we were invited to dine in during its soft opening.

Here are quick facts about Bawooboy Grill. The owners are Korean and they are very hands-on with the operation. The restaurant name came from the words “baboy” (Tagalog word for pork) and “woo” (Korean word for beef) — Bawooboy Grill offers unli pork and beef, at competitive rates I might add.

Another thing worth nothing is that they use part of their income in social charity for the elderly. It always feels good to support a business that gives back.

Location and ambiance

Bawooboy Grill is easy to find. There’s a huge signage outside, which is decorated colorful LED lights at night. The inside isn’t too big, but it has a number of tables that can seat couples and groups.

Bawooboy Grill in BF Homes, Paranaque
Bawooboy Grill in BF Homes, Paranaque.


Bawooboy Grill offers unli pork or unli pork & beef options (regular rates: P449 for unli pork, P499 for unli pork & beef).

Here is their meat selection:

  • Dae-pae samgyupsal (thinly sliced pork belly)
  • Herb bul-jib (thick-sliced pork belly with herb)
  • Yangnyum (pork belly marinated in special sauce)
  • Tong samgyup (pre-grilled thick pork belly in perfection)
  • Beef dae-pae (thinly sliced beef shortplate)
  • Curry beef (beef shortplate with curry sauce)
  • Bulgogi (beef marinated in Korean-style sauce)
  • Bawooboy steak (special house steak)

They also serve 4 types of side dishes, steamed egg, beef ramen and “penge” rice.

So, here’s our experience. We got here at about 6PM which is dinner time, so it was quite busy. However, we were still accommodate in no time which I appreciate. In fact, the restaurant has good service and the servers are easy to call.

When we got seated, we were immediately served with the side dishes, the beef ramen and the penge rice. If you like having several dishes in your table, you’ll appreciate this in Bawooboy Grill.

I like the spicy beef ramen in particular and the penge rice, which is includes white rice and a type of pork giniling which was good. If I weren’t in a samgyupsal restaurant, I would’ve finished the penge rice by myself.

Bawooboy Grill - table setup
Table setup.

We then ordered different types of meat. First of all, I like that the meats served are fresh. A lot of their meat options can be found in other samgyupsal restaurants, such as yangnyum and bulgogi.

What really took to my liking is their tong samgyup — thick, fat, juicy slices of pork belly. Everyone in our table liked this and we had 3 orders. Bawooboy Grill also has a special meat called Bawooboy steak, which is similar to a burger patty. Although it’s not up to my alley as I prefer thin meats, one of the bloggers liked it so much and we were informed by the staff that it’s a bestseller, so I guess it’s just a matter of preference. It’s best for you to try it yourself.

Bawooboy grill - meats
Dae-pae samgyupsal and curry beef.
Bawooboy Grill - beef bulgogi
Beef bulgogi.
Bawooboy Grill - herb bul-jib
Herb bul-jib.
Bawooboy grill - special steak
Special steak.
Bawooboy Grill - tong samgyup
Tong samgyup. This is the best.

Of course, the meat comes with lettuce and dips. The lettuce served to us wasn’t springy anymore — I don’t know if it wasn’t not fresh or it had just wilted from being washed too early.

The cheese though is amazing. It’s one of the best cheese dips I’ve had — it was so gooey (similar to cheesy pizzas in commercials) and the flavor is just right for the meat. It can easily compare with other great cheese dips in Samgyupsalamat and Fantastic Chef.

If you’re not into cheese, Bawooboy Grill offers 3 special sauces to go with samgyupsal: spicy sauce, ssamjang and mayo garlic.

Bawooboy Grill samgyupsal restaurant
Time to grill!
Bawooboy Grill samgyupsal restaurant
Bawooboy Grill - cheese

Aside from the food, another thing that you shouldn’t miss in Bawooboy Grill is the makgeolli (rice wine). Makgeoli goes back a thousand years — it has an older history than soju. It has a very nice flavor and you can drink it as is or mix it with seven-up (recommended for ladies). You can also bring home a bottle of makgeolli for only P250. I’m not really into soju but I’m taken with makgeoli and I appreciate that Bawooboy Grill made it a point to offer more drink options for their customers.

Bawooboy Grill - makgeolli
Makgeolli (rice wine).

In summary, here’s what I like about Bawooboy Grill:

  • Fresh meat, decent options — we particularly like tong samgyup (thick, fat slices of pork belly)
  • Additional offerings such as the beef ramen and penge rice
  • Cheese dip — delicious and gooey
  • Makgeolli or rice wine (which is ordered separately)

And here are the areas I think can be improved on:

  • Table space
  • Lettuce is not that fresh

Let me explain the bit about table spacing. We were seated in one of the round tables which we were told is good for 3 people, but it’s actually just okay for 2 at most. It was so cramped that the dishes don’t fit in the table and we had to let go of some plates (I wanted to keep the bowl of beef ramen). I hope they limit the seats to 2 people so this won’t happen again. By the way, they also have couches good for 4 people.

Couple shot in Bawooboy Grill
Me (Katherine) and Hali.

Overall, this is a decent samgyupsal restaurant. If you find yourself in BF Homes in Paranaque, drop by on this one!

Practical Info: Bawooboy Grill Unlimited Korean BBQ

Address: President’s Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Opening hours: 11AM to 12 midnight


  • 11AM to 3PM: Unli pork – P399 / Unli pork and beef – P449
  • 3PM onwards: Unli pork – P499 / Unli pork and beef – P499

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: Thanks Bawooboy Grill for feeding us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Bawooboy Grill? How do you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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